House rules

At the HaruCon certain rules apply, when you enter the event area and are therefore considered accepted upon arrival.

Certain rules apply at HaruCon, which come into place upon entering the event premises and are assumed by visitors to have been read, understood and accepted.

Each visitor of HaruCon agrees to abide by the house rules of the event and to follow the instructions of the helpers and the staff on site at any time and without delay.

To attend the event, an entrance fee must be paid. The fee is determined by the organizer and is not negotiable. With the payment of the entrance fee, the visitor receives a visitor's wristband. This is to be worn visibly on the body and can be checked by the
organizer or by a person authorized to do so.

The consumption of cigarettes and other tobacco products as well as shishas, e-cigarettes, etc. is prohibited in the premises associated with the event. he bringing of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited, as is the bringing of glass bottles and cans of any kind.

The bringing along and the consumption of illegal intoxicants are strictly prohibited. Violation will result in exclusion from the event as well as reporting to the competent authority.

In the interest of animal welfare and for the protection of all participants and visitors to Harucon, bringing live animals onto the entire event site is expressly prohibited. Exceptions to this are, for example, animals that are specifically brought for the care and support
of disabled persons (guide dogs, etc.). In case of doubt, appropriate evidence must be presented.

Attending the event is accompanied by various stresses (noise, light, etc.). The organizer assumes no liability for any potential resulting damage.

The production of image and/or sound recordings at the event is generally permitted until revoked, with the exception of recordings in WC facilities and changing rooms without the verifiable prior consent of the persons recorded. The visitors of the event
accept the fact that photos and/or video recordings etc. may be taken of their person in the course of the event and that these may be published. A claim to payment for this does not exist in any case. For recordings that do not originate from the organizer himself, will be charged by
no liability whatsoever is assumed for this. If persons are recognizable against their will in media created and published by the organizer, there is the possibility of a written objection via e-mail (to If the objections are justified, the corresponding persons will be made unrecognizable in the mentioned media.

It is generally not possible to stay overnight in the hall. It is also not allowed to stay overnight on the forecourt (the Klagenfurt fairground). Accommodation for sleeping is therefore not included in the admission price and must be organized independently by each visitor.

Visitors must abide by the weapons rules of HaruCon. Excluded from the restrictions are persons authorized by the organizer (e.g.: martial arts demonstrators) and members of the Austrian executive on duty.

Any inventory, furnishings, walls, windows, premises as well as the event site etc. must not be damaged or soiled. The hanging of posters, etc. requires the consent of the event organization. The person causing the damage is liable for any damage. In the event of damage to property or other criminally relevant behavior, charges will be filed without exception and a permanent house ban will be imposed.

Parents are liable for their children. Supervisors must also ensure that minors do not disturb visitors, exhibitors or the orderly running of the event. In extreme cases, non-compliance may lead to exclusion from the event.

The organizer has the right to exclude persons from the event who violate the house rules, disturb other visitors or the event itself. There is no right to a refund of the admission fee paid.

The visit of the event is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for personal injury or property damage.

For all visitors as well as cosplayers the following applies in principle: Intimate body parts such as breasts, pubic area and buttocks must be covered at all times.

The organizer assumes no liability for any damage to property (wardrobe, etc.).

The organizer assumes no liability for: Personal injury, property damage, theft. Excluded from this are claims for damages due to injury to life, limb, health and from the breach of essential contractual obligations and grossly negligent conduct.