Rules for weapons

In order to ensure the safety of everyone attending HaruCon, the following rules have been established regarding dummy weapons or cosplay weapons and cosplay accessories.

To ensure the safety of all persons attending the event, the following rules have been established regarding weapons (dummies) or cosplay weapons and cosplay accessories. These rules will be controlled and enforced by security personnel as well as the organizer itself.

The following items are prohibited on the HaruCon premises:
- Items that fall under the Austrian Weapons Act (WaffG §1). In particular, items that are classified under the category of "prohibited weapons" according to the Weapons Act.
- Pyrotechnics (e.g.: firecrackers, fireworks, etc.)
- Objects that are classified as dangerous by security personnel or the event organizer due to their design or characteristics (e.g.: sharpened broomsticks, space-intensive cosplay setups, and the like).
- Weapons (-like objects), in which metal is processed (e.g.: Cosplay weapons with metal blades etc.)
- Objects for the defense of persons and animals (so-called "free weapons", e.g. stun guns, pepper spray, etc.)
- Live animals as companions to cosplay

Bringing weapons as defined by the Austrian Weapons Act to the event is generally not permitted. In individual cases, however, the organizer may be asked to allow the use of said weapons in cosplay competitions and/or performances. It is up to the organizer to approve or deny this.

Partially approved items (will be reviewed and marked as approved by us):
- Objects longer than 2 meters may be prohibited at the discretion of the organizer or security personnel if they are incompatible with the nature of the premises or pose a safety risk to other visitors.
- Softair weapons and the like are only permitted without ammunition and with appropriate identification of a mock weapon. Such objects will be controlled by the organizer or the security personnel and, if necessary, released or prohibited.

Permitted items:
LARP and other weapons from the following (but not limited to) material:
- Foam
- Styrofoam
- Cardboard
- Worbla
- All items that do not violate the above guidelines and do not pose a hazard.

The carrying of any other objects that may lead to the endangerment of persons or the use of any object as a weapon is strictly prohibited. Objects that meet this definition may be taken into custody by security personnel at least until they leave the event (if possession of the object is prohibited by law in Austria, the object must be handed over to the Austrian executive authorities).

Unauthorized weapon dummies, unauthorized items, etc. must be reported to and inspected by security personnel upon entering the event site. If these are needed for cosplay performances, this MUST be reported to the security AND the cosplay-
Jury angegeben werden!

If permitted weapons or objects are misused or brought into use in a dangerous manner on the Harucon premises, the visitor(s) in question may be expelled from the event.

Show fights are prohibited on the entire event area (including the forecourt).

We ask you to be as careful as possible with props, as not only will property be damaged
oder andere Personen verletzt werden können, sondern auch ihr selbst!