You can find all the contests at HaruCon 2024 here

For more information please click on the link at the competitions.

Cosplay Contest

Do you have a costume and want to go on stage?

Then our cosplay competitions are just the thing for you. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you can show us what you've got at HaruCon.

AMV Contest

Anime, music and video - they just belong together, don't they?

If you agree with us, then head to your trusted video editing program and get to work! Join in and send us your masterpiece. We are looking forward to it!

Art Contest

Are you creative on paper or digitally?

Then don't be shy, send us your drawing in advance for our drawing competition. You can also take part in our on-site competition and create a masterpiece!

Photo Contest

Turn just a little bit more... Perfect.

Does that sentence sound familiar? Leonardo had his Mona Lisa and you have Dio? Take a look at our photo competition for more information on the topic.

Dance Contest


This year we have a dance contest at Harucon for the first time! So shake a leg and sign up!

Meme Contest

Creativity and fun

The only two things needed for this competition! We hope you have lots of fun with this competition!

Bad Photoshop Wettbewerb

Es ist so schlecht, dass es wieder gut ist.

Du beherrscht Photoshop? Nein? Dann bist du hier genau richtig!